Identity Watch Tips

How to Protect your Identity

While the Identity Watch program is an excellent way to help guard your identity and protect your credit, no one is completely safe. Take the following steps to further minimize the risk of identity theft.

  • Get a shredder and destroy any unneeded charge receipts, copies of credit applications, insurance forms, cheques and bank statements.
  • Cut up expired charge cards that you're discarding, and credit offers you get in the mail.
  • Monitor your financial records and credit rating.
  • Don't share personal information on the Internet unless you've initiated the contact or know who you're dealing with.
  • Promptly remove mail from your mailbox.
  • If you're away from home and can't pick up your mail, call Canada Post to request a vacation hold.
  • Shield your computer from viruses and spies by updating firewall and virus protection software.

If you're an Identity Watch member and suspect that you're a victim of identity theft, call us immediately at 1-866-217-1104 (toll-free). The sooner you report any irregularities, the sooner we can help prevent further damage.

If you're not a member but would like to enrol in the Identity Watch program, you can call 1-866-217-1104.