Options MasterCard

The Options MasterCard is PayPassTM enabled! It’s as safe and secure as all MasterCard cards…and with PayPass your card never leaves your hand. Simply tap your card at any merchant that accepts MasterCard® PayPass and you’ll earn Canadian Tire 'Money' on the Card® awards easier then ever.


It’s easy to use PayPass

  1. Tap your card to make a purchase everywhere you see this symbol:
  2. Listen for the beep and look for the green light that indicates your payment was accepted.
  3. That’s it! If your purchase is under $50, there’s often no need to sign your name.

Look for the PayPass symbol at Tim Hortons, Cineplex and other merchants across Canada.

Click here for a complete list of merchants who currently accept PayPass.

Click here for answers to your questions about PayPass.

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