Site Security: How You're Protected

Security Features

  • Customer authentication prevents unauthorized access to your data by asking questions that only you know the answers to
  • Phishing protection ensures you are not providing personal information on fraudulent web sites (phishing is the act of setting up fake emails and web sites to "phish" for someone else's account information)
  • 128-bit encryption provides state-of-the-art protection for your personal and financial information, so you can feel secure

Customer Authentication

Before you access your account, you must first register it to help protect against fraud.

  • Simply answer a few questions based on information nobody else will be able to answer
  • Since only you will know this information, we can help ensure that nobody other than you is accessring your account information online

Anti-Phishing Features

  • To protect you against phishing scams, we'll ask you to set up a unique combination of information including challenge questions.
  • Look for you challenge question when you log in. (If you feel your computer is secure, you can register it and skip your challenge question)

IMPORTANT: If you don't see you personalized challenge question, image or caption when you first sign on, do not provide any login information.


Site Encryption

All your personal and financial information is encrypted before it travels between your computer and ours. That way it can't be intercepted, read or changed by unauthorized users.

  • We use 128-bit encryption, the strongest protection available to keep your data secure
  • You will need to upgrade your browser if it only supports "weaker" encryption technologies like 40-bit or 56-bit
  • To ensure you have a secure connection, look for the encryption key at the bottom of your browser window

For added protection, you will automatically be logged out of any online banking session that sits idle for 20 minutes


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